Updated DISC Reports!

Indaba Global is proud to present our newly updated DISC Reports!

You gave us feedback, and we listened. Our new updated DISC reports include a “What is DISC” page at the beginning of our reports, an upgraded Sub-Factor section, and an improved 3rd Party Feedback section. These changes will answer common questions we have received over the past year. If you have any further questions, please contact our team at info@indabaglobal.com or 727-327-8777 for more information. We would be happy to provide you with anything you would like to know.

New “What Is a DISC Assessment?” Page:

Where?: 2nd page of the DISCflex Report.

Why? This page will explain the basics of the DISCflex Report. This is a condensed version of our blog post “What is a DISC Assessment“.
What is a DISC Assessment















Upgraded Sub-Factors Section:

We have upgraded our Sub-Factors section to give the user both their driving (natural) and opposing (least natural) sub-factors. This information will help to identify which factors need to be “dialed up” and “dialed down” in certain situations. Users will see their Top 3 Biggest Gaps between factors represented as Sub-factors. For instance, if your highest factor is D at 90 and your lowest factor is C at 35 you are way more likely to lean toward your natural Sub-Factor of Independence (driving sub-factor) as opposed to Cooperativeness (opposing sub-factor).

Sub-factors Overview


Top Three Sub-factors

Upgraded 3rd Party Section:

Our 3rd Party Section has been upgraded with an introduction to 3rd party feedback and easier to read charts and graphs.

Third Party Introduction


Third Party Perception

Third Party Variances

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