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1) Academic Studies and Testimonials: By using this eLearning Platform, you may grant Indaba Global Coaching, LLC. the rights to use your name as part of an academic study or publication. Additionally, you may grant that Indaba Global Coaching, LLC. may use your name on any testimonial that you provide on our company-owned websites or for marketing purposes. Indaba Global Coaching, LLC. will contact you if either of these applies.

2) Time is of the essence for this agreement: Upon receiving initial payment online access will be granted within two business days.

3) Marketing Purposes: By using this eLearning platform, you grant Indaba Global Coaching, LLC the rights to use your name and email for direct and indirect marketing. Additionally, you give Indaba Global Coaching, LLC the right to share this information with Indaba Global Coaching’s affiliates and partners for their own purposes.

4) Effective date of this agreement: This agreement becomes effective when signed payment (or any information is provided by customer) is received and processed by Indaba Global Coaching, LLC.

5) Governing law, venue, waiver of the jury trial and attorney fees: This agreement is to be governed by the law of FLORIDA. The parties intentionally waive the right of a jury trial, in any litigation arising under this agreement; the prevailing party shall recover its attorney fees and costs.

6) Entire agreement: No prior representation: Amendment: This is the entire agreement upon Indaba Global Coaching and customer. There is no representation past or present by Indaba Global Coaching or any person acting for Indaba Global Coaching, which does not appear herein. This agreement may not be amended except by a written change order or amendment executed and paid for as provided herein.

7) Sever-ability: Any remaining provisions hereof shall remain in full force and effect.

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