How to Sell DISC – For Coaches

Many coaches are trained in DISC. They understand how to sell DISC assessments. However many are unsure of how to implement! Indaba makes the entire process easy. With no minimum purchase requirements. Coaches can sell DISC to 1 person or a large group of people. They are able to calculate their cost instantly. Please see the article below for more information. As we provide you with a step by step approach to selling DISC!

How to Sell DISC – for Coaches:

  • Become DISC Certified:

To become certified in DISC, please contact our team at 727-327-8777 or and ask about current certification options. Once certified you will receive 30% off all of our products.

  • Identify opportunity:

Many organizations are struggling with employee retention and employee development and searching for answers. DISC Products can be used for hiring. During the onboarding process. For leadership Development. Building soft skills in the classroom. Workshop, Seminars, and more. If you sense that a client’s team is having communication breakdowns you can use DISC. Or if their leadership team lacks the soft skills necessary to take their business to the next level, DISCflex Products can help!

  • Select The Right Products:

We have many different DISCflex Assessments available. They cover a wide range of topics including Personal Development, Leadership Development, Team Building, and Sales.

If you are unsure whether or not DISC is the right solution. Please contact our team. We will help you identify which products are right for the job.

  • Submit a Proposal:

DISCflex makes it easy to submit proposals. We require no minimum purchase requirements. A team of 25? No problem! A team of 3? No problem. Simply multiply your product price by the number of assessments needed. Boom! You know your cost. Certified Coaches get 30% off our retail prices for any of our DISC Assessments.

Once you figure out your cost you can then add in the cost for your time and coaching fees and submit your proposal.

  • Order DISC Products:

Online: Select your preferred product. Click “add to cart” on the program page. At checkout, select the quantity you wish to purchase. Enter any coupon codes. Then click “Checkout using PayPal”. You will be able to pay with a credit/debit card or via a PayPal Account. We promise to provide you access to your program within 1 business day of your payment processing.

Over the Phone: Any of our trained account reps will be able to process your order over the phone. We will email you a receipt of your purchase. And promise to send you access to your program within 1 business day of your payment processing.

  • Facilitate DISC Products:

Facilitating DISCflex™ Products requires an Administrator (Admin) Account. Admin Accounts are provided free of charge and our team will train you and assist in facilitation until you are comfortable.

Having a problem with facilitation? Call us Monday-Friday 9:00 am- 5:00 pm at 727-327-8777 or email us 24/7/365 at and one of our trained facilitators will help you as soon as possible. We can provide you with templates and videos to make facilitation as easy as possible.

  • Tracking Participants:

Using your Admin Account you are able to track user’s progress, download reports, reset usernames and passwords, and more. Break your users up into separate organizations and sub-organizations to keep them organized and customize their experience.

Have questions about tracking participants or need help? Please contact our team.

  • Event/ Workshop:

Preparing for the big event can sometimes be overwhelming. Being well-prepared is the key.

Would you like to adjust the PowerPoint Presentation to fit your lesson plan?

Need an explanation of how to use the resources and activities?

Want to practice your pitch?

Contact our team and we will be glad to help! With DISCflex products, you are never alone!

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