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The Sales Suite is comprised of three parts- 21 laws of influence, the sales process, and influence and communication for sales.

  1. 21 Laws of Influence for Sales explains how customers react and respond to psychological patterns and pressures. It goes over established societal demands regarding the sales industry. People are creatures of habit. Customers tend to follow these same habits and patterns. Therefore, it is important for salespeople to understand what biases customers already have in place in order to make business pleasurable for both parties.
  2. The Sales Process walks you through the sales cycle, from research and preparation all the way through the most difficult part: closing the sale. A clear understanding of the sales process is vital for success as a salesperson. Even the most effective communicators can be poor salespeople if they never learned how to close a sale.
  3. Influence and Communication for Sales focuses on using different language techniques to help potential customers or clients feel more comfortable with you and earn your trust. This course explains the difference between listening and active listening and outlines several language patterns to help you form strong questions and statements for the potential customer.

Sales Suite eLearning Group Coaching:

  • Training Sessions developed around the eLearning Program.
  • Activities developed for critical thinking and practical application.
  • Delivered via webinar.
  • Contact us for in-person coaching pricing.

Program Highlights: 

  • Learn each influencing law and understand how it applies to sales.
  • Gives salespeople the valuable knowledge needed that will set them apart from the competition.
  • Provides strategies that the sales manager or sales coach can use to help motivate their teams and increase their bottom line.
  • Details ways that the salesperson, sales manager, or sales coach may use each law in a positive way to gain trust and rapport.
  • Helps salespeople find out what’s best for them and the client.
  • Understanding the sales process will give you a strong infrastructure that you can bend and mold to your liking as you become more experienced in selling.
  • Effective communication skills will make your job as a salesperson exponentially easier.

Sales Suite Course Content:

21 Laws of Influence for Sales:


The Law of Agendas
The Law of Benchmarking and Score Keeping
The Law of Belief Replacement
The Law of Commitment
The Law of Consistency
The Law of Contrast
The Law of Expectation
The Law of Expertise
The Law of Friends
The Law of Image

21 Laws of Influence for Sales (continued):

The Law of Logic
The Law of People Pleasing
The Law of Perception
The Law of Prospecting and Networking
The Law of Reciprocity
The Law of Satisfaction & Standards
The Law of Scarcity
The Law of Similarity and Attraction
The Law of Societal Pressure
The Law of Status
The Law of 3rd Party Endorsement

The Sales Process:


Initial Interview
50 Sales Questions
Research and Discovery
Building Better Relationships With Your Clients
Winning Sales Presentation
Closing the Sale
Client Maintenance

Influence and Communication for Sales:

Building Trust
Body Language and Rapport
Mirroring, Matching, Cross-over Pacing, Leading
Reading People and Active Listening
Language Patterns: Absolutes and Generalities
The Language of Change
Cause and Effect