RA² Interface Alignment Program

The RA² Interface Alignment model is based on clearly outlining core business strategies and business purposes and defining them in terms of their responsibility, accountability, and authority guidelines. The specific goal of this course is to streamline how your organization deploys employees by using these three parameters.


More than ever, being successful means having a team of skilled, motivated employees and intelligent, experienced managers working together to achieve the business’ goals. But while smart, dedicated people are a necessity, they alone don’t necessarily insure a company’s success. In fact, their best efforts may all be for naught if the company’s infrastructure - its alignment - is not on target with goals and objectives.


The RA² Interface Alignment sessions teach employees and management to take into consideration how the linkages - particularly authority and accountability - flow throughout the organization as people carry out their responsibilities. That way, your employees can create a comprehensive set of RA² interface documents that detail what each employee’s responsibilities are, what parameters are used to hold people, departments, and teams accountable for carrying out their responsibilities. Finally. RA² Interface Documents pinpoint who controls the various levels of authority over resources, decision making, and accountability. This ensures your entire organization is on the same page and that transparency occurs.

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Features and Benefits

  • The RA² program will teach your employees and management how to create a comprehensive set of RA² documents specifically tailored to the organization where everyone understands who is responsible for tasks, who should be held accountable, and who has authority. Through this process, linkages are set up that flow through accountability and authority to the appropriate levels. Most important, these linkages ensure that the organization’s strategy is fully linked to the implementation plans through metrics and individual and team accountability. These linkages span across the solid and dotted lines of the entire organization.
  • By working through the RA² Interface Alignment process, everyone is clear on what they need to accomplish and how they need to accomplish it. Most important, employees understand where and how decisions are made and by who. In other words, the workforce knows where to look for answers.
  • The RA² Interface Alignment process also serves as the documentation of promises made between teams, employees, and departments that employees and management agree upon when making decisions and deploying resources. This helps build trust and enhances communication which strengthens your organization in one easy step.
  • Having a solid RA² document will alleviate miscommunication and prevent conflict within your organization because it is used as a living document that is constantly updated for employees to refer to. The goal is to have employees discuss potential areas of conflict before they get to the conflict stage. This process is an extremely proactive way of surfacing and handling the inevitable discussions that must occur in order to run businesses effectively.
  • Because the RA² documents are constantly being updated, you can use the process to redefine and strengthen the linkages of authority and accountability that flow throughout the organization.
  • The RA² Interface makes businesses incredibly nimble, giving them the ability to ramp up quickly and adjust on the fly to unexpected changes in the marketplace. It enables managers and employees to quickly respond to changing market conditions, goal requirements, customer needs, or technical demands.

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