Invest In Your Employees!

Invest In Your Employees Now… Thank Us Later.

Companies looking to grow must invest in training their employees now more than ever!

With the emergence of smartphones, social media, and online reviews companies simply can’t afford not to. One disgruntled customer. One product launch delay. Or one bad PR move can be the difference between reaching your company’s goals and being run over. Untrained employees are a liability.

New hire orientation is not training! 

That thing we all do…Where we send one of our other employees who isn’t too busy to walk the new hire around the building. Introduce them to people, and show them “how it is done”… yeah, that thing… NOT Training! New hire orientation is an important aspect of the onboarding process, but it isn’t training.

What is Training?

A search for the definition of training in the Oxford Dictionary returned this definition:

1 The action of teaching a person or animal a particular skill or type of behavior

Training is more than book work or telling someone how to do something… it’s about teaching! Companies love to throw an on-boarding manual to a new hire. Having them complete this manual as a task and never have the employee pick it up again.  This method fails to follow up and really teach the lessons to your team members. Businesses must make an investment in each employee to make sure that the company’s core values and visions are understood. You want them to put it to good use! The CEO and Managers knowing that customer service and customer retention are your company’s biggest priority do you no good if the sales team is not 100% clear on that objective.

Quick Exercise:

Grab a piece of paper (sticky note or word document will also work) and write down the 3 most well-trained groups/teams you can think of in the next 30 seconds… Think of groups you would not want to compete against… could not possibly beat… that are head and shoulders above their competition. Seriously, write them down!

My List:

The United States Special Forces, Disney (admittedly not my best choice), and The New England Patriots. Right about now you are probably wondering how someone’s brain goes from special forces, to Disney, to a football team… but let’s proceed.

What makes a group highly trained?

When examining your list (or mine) there should be a few key elements in play.

  1. Understanding the Vision- Every team needs a vision and a specific goal to be highly trained. These groups understand their company/team vision and work tirelessly to achieve that vision.
  2. Technical Skills (Performance): Different roles on a team require different skills and on every well-trained team there needs to be people involved that have specialized skills. Special Forces members are trained in weapons, hand to hand combat, survival, strategy, and the list goes on and on… Disney has people who can sing, act, smile relentlessly, influence children, etc. The New England Patriots entire team motto is “Do your Job (well)”, they don’t need 53 guys that can throw a football, they just have 1 guy that is really good at it.
  3. Behavior Skills: Communication and organization are key. To be effective and efficient a team must not only be able to communicate their own thoughts objectively but take others perspectives into account as well. A highly trained team prepares for all possible scenarios before they happen and trains team members on how to behave when facing adversity. These actions will fall in line with the Team’s Vision.

If you make sure that all 3 of these are emphasized in your companies training program your company will be hard to compete with.

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