Indaba Global Coaching Clients

Indaba Global Coaching started in 1989 as a training and development company. As we coached top salespeople and executives, companies asked we turn our coaching methods and materials into eLearning so they could share the information with more people inside their organization.

As our book of business expanded we created our own DISC assessment: DISCflex. In 2010 we launched our DISCflex assessment and have been tweaking it ever since. Our goal is to be able to provide custom solutions that help students and employees improve their performance and behavior.


Research has shown that there is a skill gap when entering the workforce. Even though qualified people are being hired. Companies realize that the "soft skills" needed to excel on the job are not at an appropriate level. We have found that our Online DISC Assessments are able to help those students. Our programs are popular in the classroom. They have been integrated with students at all levels. Ranging from intro Freshman levels to MBA and Doctorate courses.


Indaba works with companies in a number of ways. We have companies that use our Interview Guide in the Hiring Process. We have companies that use our DISC assessments for employee and leadership development. We also have companies that hire Indaba Global to coach their executives. Take a look at some of the companies we are proud to work with. You will find they range from small mom and pop operations to Fortune 500 companies.

Distributing Partners

Become a DISC Supplier by partnering with us. As a partner, you will help spread the word about Indaba Global products and be handsomely rewarded!  If approved to become an Indaba Partner, you will receive 300 DISCflex Assessments of your choice and 60% off Indaba Global's entire line of products. We do not have any minimum purchase requirements so you do not have to worry about holding inventory and can order as needed. Our Partners sell DISCflex to coaches who do not have their own materials, Colleges/Universities, Fortune 500 companies, Small Businesses, and much more!

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