Improve student’s soft skills

Improve student’s soft skills by using DISC!

Employers believe students are coming into the workforce unprepared. Meaning that college graduates have a skills gap. Students have the grades and training to perform their job. However, they aren’t learning how to communicate with others. Our DISC assessment solves this problem. The DISC program will improve student’s soft skills. By providing the student with an awareness of how they behave.

How does DISCflex work?

Each student will be able to take a 60 question online DISC assessment. The assessment produces a custom report. The report gives the user self-awareness on how they behave. It also gives them coaching to identify how to flex their behavior. The student can ask other’s to take a short survey about them. With third-party feedback, they will see how other’s view their behavior. We have a DISC eLearning course with 15 hours of content. The eLearning teaches them how to apply DISC into their lives.

How can this fit into my syllabus?

Our coaches work with you. We identify your goals and how to implement. We want to make it manageable and fun for your students. It takes our team a couple of hours to have a class set up to use the program. Start using the program(s) in your class today!

Does DISCflex meet my learning objectives?

Yes, DISCflex meets most of the learning objectives for most classes. We have as much or as little DISC info for you and your students. Our 15-page report is in entry-level college classes. Our standard reports are in middle-level business and management classes. We also work with a number of graduate and MBA classes. They use our comprehensive DISC coaching reports. Our approach to the classroom helps you build student engagement. While incorporating skill-building activities into their daily learning assignments.

Where is DISCflex being used?

DISCflex is in classrooms all over the United States. We are in classrooms in Georgetown, Marquette, Wichita State, BYU-Hawaii, Florida Southern, University of Southern Indiana and many more. Learn more about using DISC in the classroom.