IIndaba Global Partner- Navitech Group, LLC

Navitech Group, LLC (Navitech) is a boutique consulting firm, led by Jim Schinski, President and CEO.

Through his extensive experience and working relationships, Jim has assembled a  network of  C-suite and senior leaders ready to assist  clients, company  boards,  C-Level executives and management teams in navigating the complexities, costs, and challenges of today’s technologies.

We work across a full continuum of engagements providing single point studies and analysis, full project implementation and initiatives designed to enhance organizational effectiveness.

We  assist clients facing challenges that involve people, process and technology. Our services are provided by leaders with the experience to understand your challenges and capable of delivering solutions to solve them.

Jim Schinski C-Level Executive

Jim Shinski

A Fortune 500 C-Suite leader holding a variety of positions in the energy and  defense industries.  Jim possesses relevant experience in strategy development and implementation, information technology, supply chain, energy markets, and human resources.  He is recognized for assembling, leading, coaching and developing multi-disciplined, geographically dispersed and highly-effective organizations working both domestically and internationally.

Jim ’s leadership experience spans several  C-level positions including Chief Operating Officer,  Chief Administrative Officer, and Chief Information Officer.   In his roles, he has worked  directly with boards, executives, regulators, legislators and investors.  He led the decoupling of  IT, Supply Chain, HR, and Finance functions for a large spin-off that resulted in a new publicly traded NYSE company to maximize shareholder value.

He is an experienced executive with numerous successes in innovating and implementing advanced technology in commercial, real-time, and mission-critical environments.  His organizations have been recognized as best-in-class for leading-edge technology solutions in energy markets, NERC CIP cybersecurity implementation, and Computerworld’s Laureate Award for innovations in non-disruptive technology implementation.

Jim is a Computerworld Premier 100 IT Leader focused on employee engagement and business results.  His positions have provided him the opportunity to lead organizational change management efforts to ensure that technology and process enhancements were embraced and provided enduring strategic advantage for businesses, shareholders and employees.

Engaging a Fractional CIO

A fractional CIO is an advisor to your business that is experienced, multi-faceted and has served as a C-level senior executive.

Provides expertise and experience of a CIO without the associated salary and benefit costs of a full-time executive.

Provides flexibility -- serving our clients in a variety of engagement types: full-time, part-time, advisory, consultancy, or as a retained CIO-on-call.

To provide advice and counsel, review and recommend, or coordinate with internal staff on the day-to-day IT operations.

How to use a Fractional CIO

A Fractional CIO is an experienced, multi-faceted senior technology executive who serves to assist other C-level executives when there is no need for a full-time CIO or to assist the CIO with expertise on an ad-hoc or continuing basis on solutions, projects or organizational issues.

Business Liaison– Working closely with the business and technology personnel, the Fractional CIO helps guarantee that the business drivers are fully articulated and met by current and future technology strategy. The goal is to ensure agreement by both the business and IT on the plan, budget and outcomes.

Information Resource– A highly experienced CIO brings a wealth of information to your organization. Whether it is determining the best technology strategy, infrastructure technology, educating you on negotiating with vendors, or determining if cloud computing is right for your company.

ROI – A Fractional CIO can assist in a variety of ways such as: to align technology spending with business objectives, review technology expenses against best practice, determine which technology projects, services, or applications will meet your business needs and what the return on investment will be based on practice and experience.

Strategic Viewpoint– A Fractional CIO serves as an adjunct technology leader in developing and vetting a technology strategy that will satisfy business, budgetary, and operational requirements while ensuring that the organization is capable of execution and delivery.

Experience– With a Fractional CIO you benefit from our broad expertise, experience across a multitude of industries and environments.