Feedback and Coaching by Hellen Davis


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Feedback and Coaching by Hellen Davis-

"Feedback and Coaching" gives managers and co-workers conflict-resistant strategies and processes that create a safe, secure and fear-free environment for feedback. This thought-provoking book quickly takes you from thought to action as you learn to give unemotional feedback with neutrality and purpose. You will also learn how to receive feedback constructively and how to develop others through the coaching process. In today's fast-paced, competitive environment, businesses are expected to produce more with less. Building successful working relationships demands continuous learning and improvement. But how can you grow if nobody tells you specifically what you need to work on? Oftentimes statements of improvement are avoided because team members and fellow workers lack the skills for giving positive, constructive feedback. Sometimes managers are afraid to communicate problems to their people in a timely fashion. Even worse, when feedback (constructive criticism) is given it is delivered ineffectively. When this occurs, the person may be left feeling angry, frustrated and unproductive. Strong organizations understand the importance of having employees skilled in delivering timely and appropriate feedback and coaching.

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