Executive Coaching Certification

Indaba Global Coaching Executive Coaching Certification Course

Executive Coaching Certification Overview

The Executive Coaching Certification Program was built to empower individuals with the knowledge and resources to help coach their clients. In completing the certification program you will be required to complete our Enterprise Development Suite eLearning.

The eLearning program consists of eight parts, totaling 20+ hours of material. Our program is built so that once you complete the training you will be able to use the same resources in coaching your clients. Our materials combined with your industry-specific knowledge will create the value that your customers are looking for.

Executive Coaching Certification -$5,000.00 

Coaching Certification Process

The ICA certification process was designed to satisfy the needs of coaches new to formal training as well as seasoned, fully trained coaching professionals. Each coaching certification is catered to the individual – taking into consideration work experience, formal coaching training, consulting work, educational credentials, etc.

  1. Payment for the Certification Program
  2. Access to Certification Pre-Work Materials
  3. Introductory Training Session (1-2 hours) - We go over the pre-work materials and certification eLearning Course associated with your certification.
  4. Completion of the Certification eLearning Course - You will have access to over 30 hours of eLearning content and will be required to complete the course. Our coaches are here to assist you with any questions along the way.
  5. Certification Mock Training Session (1-2 hours) - Once you complete the eLearning course we will schedule this training session to go over what you have learned. Based on the program we will provide you with a mock coaching scenario and have you coach us on the material. Once you complete this training session you will be a certified coach!

***Follow-Up Training Sessions - We do not disappear once you have become certified. Our coaches are available to help you as you begin to practically apply what you have learned.

Through the ICA you are granted the authority to display "Certified Coach and Member of the International Coaching Association" as well as the right to display the appropriate designation following your name (CCE- Certified Coach - Executive; CCL Certified Coach - Life, etc.) on business cards, marketing materials, or on your website no matter where your prior training has taken place. Once certified, an ICA Certified Coach retains their certification status as long as they remain a member of the ICA (annual fee of $195.00 will be charged to the credit card on file unless otherwise instructed).