DISC Certification


DISC Certification Process

  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. Within 1 Business Day of your payment processing, we will email you a registration code to complete your DISC Assessment.
  4. Once you complete your DISC Assessment we will hold a 90-minute training webinar with you to go over your results and the methodology behind materials.
  5. After the webinar, we will provide you with a Facilitator PPT to use DISC with other people. This PPT will include facilitator notes so you can lead the group.
  6. Certificate: We mail you a hard copy certificate once you have completed the webinar. You will be able to use this certificate to advertise that you are a Certified DISCflex Coach.

Benefits of being a DISC Certified Coach

  1. No Annual Fees
  2. No minimum purchase requirements or quotas to hit
  3. 30% Discount on all Indaba products
  4. A Facilitator PPT on DISC with notes as the presenter
  5. Hard-Copy Certificate
  6. Ability to advertise that you are a DISCflex Certified Coach

If you wish to hire a DISC Coach to lead a training session, please contact us Today!

Office Hours

9:00 a.m. - 5:00  p.m. EST


(727) 327-8777

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