Online DISC Certification Overview

Looking to start your own coaching endeavor or add new products to your coaching toolbox? Look no further. Earn your DISCflex™ certification and become a master at behavior modification. When you are certified in DISCflex™, you will have the ability to coach others through all of our DISCflex Reports and the DISCflex™ eLearning sessions. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to share your knowledge of behavioral flexibility with your clients. Upon completion of your DISCflex™ Certification, you will be immediately eligible to receive 50% off of all future DISCflex Purchases!

DISCflexâ„¢ Certification

Online DISC Certification Process

  1. Contact us to begin certification.
  2. Payment for the program.
  3. Within 1 Business Day of your payment processing, we will email you a registration code. You will use the code to create a user account and to complete your DISC Assessment.
  4. Once you complete your DISC Assessment we will schedule a 90-minute training webinar with you to go over your results and the methodology behind materials.
  5. After the webinar, we will provide you with a Facilitator PPT to use DISC with other people. This PPT will include facilitator notes so you can lead the group.
  6. Certificate: We email you an eCopy certificate after you have completed the webinar (usually within 15 days). You will be able to use this certificate to advertise that you are a Certified DISCflex Coach.

Online DISC Certification

DISC Certification Includes:

  • 1 DISCflex Business Behaviors Program – Assessment + DISC eLearning
  • 90-min training webinar- report walk thru, user and admin account overview
  • Facilitation PPT – Slides with notes to use from the front of the classroom
  • User Experience PPT – Slides walking the end user thru the registration process
  • eCopy Certificate and ability to advertise as a DISCflex Certified Coach
  • 50% off retail prices
  • No minimum purchase requirements to get the discounted rate
  • No expiration date for the assessments

DISC Certification -$300.00

Become Certified in DISC!

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