Indaba Coaching Topics

Indaba Global's CEO, Hellen Davis, has spearheaded the creation of all of our industry leading training programs that get results.  We are well known for our Blended Learning approach, using a mixture of in person training combined with our online followup courses to enhance the learning process. We have training options to fit all budgets. Our expertise includes:

Life Coaching Training

Personal Development

Goal Setting

Self Talk



Time Management

Relationship Building


Overcoming Hesitation

Sales Training Course

Sales Training

Research and Discovery

Building Better Relationships

Winning Sales Presentation

Closing the Sale

Client Maintenance

Account Penetration

Influence and Communication

The 21 Laws of Influence

Decision making training course

Behavior Modification

Getting Acquainted with DISC

General DISC Profiles

The Primary DISC Factors

DISC Sub-factors

Dialing Up/Down Factors

Team Analysis

DISC Activities

DISC Encyclopedia