Does Cold Calling Work?

does cold calling work

Does Cold Calling Work? How do you generate inbound leads and sales? My company, Indaba Global, is a training and development company that works with everything from small businesses up to Fortune 500 clients, and we have identified a trend among clients we coach. Companies are focusing on the wrong resources and overpaying for outdated…

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DISC assessments improve customer service

DISC Profiles, DISC assessments improve customer service

Did you know? DISC Assessments improve customer service! According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, the average human being can only maintain a stable relationship with approximately 150 people. This is referred to as Dunbar’s Number. In short, this is the number of people you know on an inter-personal level and can reasonably predict how they…

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Updated DISC Reports!

updated disc reports

Indaba Global is proud to present our newly updated DISC Reports! You gave us feedback, and we listened. Our new updated DISC reports include a “What is DISC” page at the beginning of our reports, an upgraded Sub-Factor section, and an improved 3rd Party Feedback section. These changes will answer common questions we have received…

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The Trap of Staying in Your Behavioral Pattern

self talk forms actions and behaviors

Using DISC to Master your Behavior Pattern Get it Done with a Simple 4 Step Process Sometimes what got you the success you enjoy today won’t always be what gets you to the next level. Whether this is in your career (or in life). That’s a universal truth. Your biggest strength is precisely what might…

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How to Sell DISC – For Coaches

Sell DISC Assessments

Many coaches are trained in DISC. They understand how to sell DISC assessments. However many are unsure of how to implement! Indaba makes the entire process easy. With no minimum purchase requirements. Coaches can sell DISC to 1 person or a large group of people. They are able to calculate their cost instantly. Please see…

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Business Consulting in Tampa Bay

Business Consulting in the Tampa Bay area! Indaba specializes in business consulting services. We work with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Founder and CEO, Hellen Davis has over 25 years of coaching experience. We offer group training courses in many different subjects. Including executive coaching. Hellen’s specialty. Check out our training…

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