Fortune 500 Leaders: How do they do it?

Fortune 500 Leaders: How do they do it? According to British anthropologist Robin Dunbar, the average human being can only maintain a stable relationship with approximately 150 people. This is Dunbar’s Number. In short, this is the number of people you, know on an inter-personal level. It can reasonably predict how they will interact with…

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5 Traits of a Successful Leader

5 Traits of Being a Successful Leader

What is a “Successful leader” and what traits do these leaders have in common? People in leadership positions often seek out the secret sauce or common traits of a “Successful leader”. The goal is to figure out what these leaders say and do and to model those behaviors while still keeping your own style. Think about…

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How to Sell DISC – For Coaches

Sell DISC Assessments

Many coaches are trained in DISC. They understand how to sell DISC assessments. However many are unsure of how to implement! Indaba makes the entire process easy. With no minimum purchase requirements. Coaches can sell DISC to 1 person or a large group of people. They are able to calculate their cost instantly. Please see…

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Team Behavior Report

Team Behavior

Team Behavior Report – Assess your team today! Indaba Global Coaching, LLC announced their newest and most comprehensive report yet. The DISCflex Team Report.  Assessing individual’s behaviors has become common practice among Fortune 500 companies. Now mid to small-sized companies have begun to follow suit as prices have come down. However, assessing Team Behavior is…

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